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The first and last slightly lovey dovey thing I will ever do

Hello! I have moved to Copenhagen for my study abroad semester! Plenty of updates to come, but for now, I feel like writing a little something for Chris William Haniak to wake up to as it is the middle of the night in Vancouver :) Chris has been a very best friend (dare I even say boyfriend!) of mine since I met him in October 2021 and I know he misses me so much which is obviously why I am writing this duh!  There was that TikTok trend a while ago that was like "I have an (insert name here)" and then they list a bunch of qualities they love/admire about the person, so I am going to replicate that style but in a Blog post. A bit of flair if you will :)  So, without further ado, let me tell you about Chris!  Chris is the kind of person you want to be around if you don't want to get a parking ticket (hear me out).  If you want to have a good conversation with a wise elderly lady, randomly walk past a friend in the street, or get a compliment. Chris does not bring good luck,

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