The first and last slightly lovey dovey thing I will ever do

Hello! I have moved to Copenhagen for my study abroad semester! Plenty of updates to come, but for now, I feel like writing a little something for Chris William Haniak to wake up to as it is the middle of the night in Vancouver :) Chris has been a very best friend (dare I even say boyfriend!) of mine since I met him in October 2021 and I know he misses me so much which is obviously why I am writing this duh! 

There was that TikTok trend a while ago that was like "I have an (insert name here)" and then they list a bunch of qualities they love/admire about the person, so I am going to replicate that style but in a Blog post. A bit of flair if you will :) 

So, without further ado, let me tell you about Chris! 

Chris is the kind of person you want to be around if you don't want to get a parking ticket (hear me out). 

If you want to have a good conversation with a wise elderly lady, randomly walk past a friend in the street, or get a compliment. Chris does not bring good luck, he is good luck. 

At first, I did not believe him. These crazy coincidences would always happen to him, and he would say "people just love me" as a joke. Then I realized, it was actually true. 

In some ways, he is kind of like a nagging child. He will bother you about something until he gets it. He gets puppy dog eyes and legitimately pleads for things like will you walk up the stairs and refill my massive 2-liter water jug for me?! 

He is goofy, and caring, and would love nothing more than to be a stay-at-home dad. 

Chris's most admirable quality is that he is the best at being a friend. He checks up on people. He will call his friends sporadically throughout the day. He always includes everyone. I have never known someone that is so deeply invested in the lives of those he enjoys spending time with. When one of his best friends moved to Montreal this year, he would constantly say how much he missed him. 

I love Chris for many reasons, but maybe the best one is how he makes me feel like a kid again.

Chris called me late on Christmas Eve to make sure I put the milk and cookies out for Santa, and insisted he stay on Facetime with me so he could help pick out the cookies. 

We went tubing with some friends around New Year, and Chris ran to the top of the tubing hill time and time again, even when the liftee bet us he would stop running halfway up, just so he could get in one more tube before the mountain closed for the day. 

Chris sings in the shower, when he's walking around, in stores, really anywhere. And the way he talks! Always enthusiastic. He can make anything seem fun. He has that little kid awe for the world. 

Anyways, maybe I will make this a little series for friends and family because sometimes I think they really believe I am so cold and heartless that I might freeze over !! But also maybe I am relapsing or something and am simply acting so out of character that I will snap out of it and delete this in a few hours. Who knows! 

Yet, what else am I supposed to do in the hours of the afternoon when they are sleeping (Europe is a 9-hour time difference to Vancouver and 8 to Alberta) and I am not in my classes yet, or actually not even quite in Copenhagen yet, I am staying in a little fishing village called Dragor with family until I can move into my student housing on February 1st. I am not one for silence or a lack of activities so hopefully- more Blogs to come. 

Chris if you've made it this far- good morning !! Love u <3 



  1. This is the cutest blog post ever. It proves the point that deep really do have a heart Avery! (jk but not really!)


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