Vancouver socialites and the first day of school

I began writing this on September 11th, 2021 

I started this post with a simple note to myself, "garden parties and fraternity villages..." and while the day that I wrote that has certainly passed, the feeling is one that I will hold with me forever. 

I entered UBC with my two best friends from kindergarten, and a handful of people I had only, for the most part, met over zoom. I think that this in of itself was bound to create an interesting dynamic. Apart from the social aspect of university, the first week of September for me was one of awe. It was still sunny in Vancouver, my campus could not be more perfectly situated between the beach, mountains and forest, and classes were not yet content-heavy. I was optimistic about recovering a facet of life I had missed out on- in-person university. 

It hit me that everyone here is connected, and my first week was comprised of a lot of realizations. Trying to figure out my place within these complex social circles and friend groups, making connections, first impressions, figuring out who had dated who, who I loved or knew I would once I came to know them more, who I didn't think I would like, navigating campus, navigating my neighbourhood, meetings.... the excitement and eagerness hit me at an event called the Garden Party. 

The Garden Party was a night where everything felt a little surreal. I found the perfect floral skirt the day of, and wore my mom's cool mary-jane heels. It was 20 degrees, and my friend Tala was introducing me to new people. I danced with a boy who might have liked me until it ended at 9pm, and then went to the fraternity village with Tala (a place that felt even more unreal, picture two rows of houses with different colours and greek letters to identify them, all connected by a courtyard in the middle. Game of Thrones vibes). The sunflowers, pink and white decorations, the location (UBC farm), the atmosphere. I was so carefree and happy, emerging from a summer where I worked three jobs to save up for moving, and the event required proof of vaccination so I felt safe, one of the first at the time. I don't really know how to describe it but I think I can summarize it with these pictures: 

The Garden Party, for me, was sort of an initiation process, a rite of passage into the world of UBC and the beyond kingdom of Vancouver. Even though figuring out the monarchy system was hard, and I heard stories about queens being demoted to peasantry after one regretful move or night, the realm of opportunity seemed neverending. The transition from what my life was becoming to what my life would be, seemed like a breeze. And maybe it was the vodka sodas, but I really think I was witnessing my entire post-secondary career flash before my eyes that night. It was like a garden fairy snuck into my brain and told me that everything was going to be alright, I was exactly where I needed to be. And I believed her. 

I believed her. 


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