I have something to share!

A cute little pic of my nightstand <3

While last semester kept me too occupied to indulge in my own creative pursuits, there were a few good things that came out of it. One of them was this multi-media Tumblr blog I was tasked to create for my creative writing course, which I am choosing to share with you all now. I'm nervous about this one because although I did pretty good in the course and loved creating this, it's quite personal. But I guess we're all just strangers on the internet anyway. I called it "home base." and here's the forward I submitted with it:

    I chose to follow the prompt “Home Sweet Home” for the theme of my blog. The url name “moments from a past life” was chosen because the title “Home Base” was already in use, so it sort of has two titles. I was really set on the “Home Base” title because I thought it was a fun play on words between baseball and literacy. I also appreciate “Moments From a Past Life” for its nostalgic tense that I think parallels the feelings omitted in the stories. They follow a girl from travelling, to returning home, to settling down and starting her own family.

I say this Tumblr blog is fiction because that's what was required for the project, and the third post is entirely fiction, but the first two are not imaginary. They are kind of just an extremely glamorized version of my own, real-life events. Regardless, I hope it transports you for a bit and you enjoy scrolling through the gifs, photos, music, and pieces of writing :)

An update is probably necessary but I'm doing fine- somewhat relaxing until the second-semester madness rushes back in. Been checking off a lot of to-do lists and completing overdue tasks. It's nice when productivity is not a requirement but a choice! I hope you all have been well and found some sense of normalcy within the strange holiday season circa covid19, which has now came and went. 

Cheers to a year ahead that is (if all goes as planned but I don't want to jinx it) filled with less worry, and more human connection. 


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